Are you stuck healing from emotional trauma? 

Learn how to break free from narcissistic abuse

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MAY 20th 2023 - In PERSON- Orlando, Florida

Are you feeling trapped in a cycle of blame and shame?

In this workshop, you'll learn about the narcissistic cycle, brainwashing and abuse tactics used by narcissists, and how to recognize the signs of a toxic relationship.

We'll also explore the concepts of cognitive dissonance and trauma bonds, and show you how to rewire your mindset and rebuild your sense of self-worth.


Lee - Mentalhealness

Taking back your power and moving through the journey is essential. Lee loves to encourage people to fight for themselves and is a huge champion of mental health and the benefits of self love.

Kat - Stand Coaching

A narcissistic abuse survivor and child to one, Katherine has dedicated her journey to helping others heal from narcissistic abuse and empower them to see the reality that they are struggling to break free from.

Ben - Raw Motivations

Awareness, Growth, Healing, Change and Development. You will hear those words a lot with interacting with Ben because he believes those are essential to change your story and transform your life.


Lee and Ben's workshop was both educational and inspirational. I recommend the workshop if you are trying to heal from relationship trauma because you get validation in a group setting of people with similar experiences, something a book can't do, and this type of connection with people can be so powerful for healing and giving you motivation and hope on your healing journey.


Thank you for everything. The workshop helped me face my fears by identifying triggers and working through them with understanding, compassion, & respect. I left the workshop encouraged and thankful after developing new friendships in just one day!


The workshop was well worth the time and effort coming here! It's because of how organized everything felt, from Ben & Lee’s informative lectures to audience participation that kept everyone engaged. I've never seen anything like the during break downs in person - this is a genius idea. If they do more workshops with additional training, I'll definitely go!